The Weathermen Go Underground

The Weathermen Go Underground - The Weathermen Go...

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Unformatted text preview: The Weathermen Go Underground It was after these efforts failed, after America’s “alienated youth” failed to respond, and after black militants failed to be impressed by the Weathermen’s demonstration of muscle, that the Weathermen went underground. They split into cells, and plotted a series of targeted bombings designed largely, they said, to shock Americans into awareness of the calamities being inflicted on the people of Vietnam by America’s war. But they also hoped to avenge and bring attention to the injustices they perceived on American soil. As Bernardine Dohrn explained, after Black Panther leader Fred Hampton was killed by Chicago police, the Weathermen needed to be “more grave, more serious, more determined to raise the stakes and not just be the white people who wrung their hands when black people were being murdered.” 35 Weathermen sympathizers found it easy to justify the violence of the radical faction. Despite years of protest and oratory, hundreds of rallies, demonstrations, and sit-ins, the war in Vietnam...
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