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The Movement Comes Full Circle

The Movement Comes Full Circle - The Movement Comes Full...

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The Movement Comes Full Circle To a certain extent, with the “New Morning” statement the movement had come full circle. Hints of the argument advanced by Berkeley students––that reform, or even revolution, could be achieved through free and rational discourse––could be gleaned in the new Weathermen statement. This confidence was reflected further in the paths taken by student activists. It is perhaps no surprise that Mario Savio, the leader of Berkeley’s Free Speech Movement, became a teacher. But so too did Weathermen leaders Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. Ayers is currently a professor (in the school of education, no less) at the University of Illinois. Dohrn teaches law at Northwestern. Of course, not all activists concluded that education was the pathway to change. Many denounced the New Morning statement and the Weathermen’s “loss of nerve.” Having accepted the need for violence to achieve change, they ultimately could not stomach the deaths of three of their own, these charged.
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