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Brandy Station Brandy Station, small trading center, Culpeper co., Va. It was the scene of the greatest cavalry engagement of the Civil War (also called the battle of Fleetwood Hill), fought June 9, 1863. Gen. Alfred Pleasonton's Union cavalry surprised Confederate Gen. Jeb Stuart's cavalry and fought a hard battle before the approach of Confederate infantry forced a withdrawal across the Rappahannock. This engagement was followed by the Gettysburg campaign . Chancellorsville, battle of Chancellorsville, battle of, May 2–4, 1863, in the American Civil War. Late in Apr., 1863, Joseph Hooker, commanding the Union Army of the Potomac, moved against Robert E. Lee, whose Army of Northern Virginia (less than half the size of Hooker's) had remained entrenched on the south side of the Rappahannock River after the battle of Fredericksburg . Hooker, with four corps, crossed the river above Fredericksburg and took up a strong position near Chancellorsville, located 10 mi (16 km) W of Fredericksburg; he sent John Sedgwick, with two corps, to cross
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