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Franklin Delano Roosevel2

Franklin Delano Roosevel2 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt...

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt Presidency New Deal The vast, many-faceted program of the New Deal was fashioned with the help of many advisers. Some of the Brain Trust had accompanied Roosevelt to Washington, and counselors, such as Raymond Moley , Rexford Guy Tugwell , and Adolf A. Berle , Jr., were important advisers in the early years, as were some members of the cabinet, including Henry A. Wallace , Harold L. Ickes , Frances Perkins , Cordell Hull , and James A. Farley . Among his other counselors was Harry L. Hopkins . There was sometimes dissension within the ranks of these advisers; a counselor breaking from the group and denouncing the policies of the administration—and sometimes the President himself—became a familiar occurrence. The steady and rapid buildup of the program and the forceful personality of Roosevelt offset early opposition. His reassuring “fireside chats,” broadcast to the nation over the radio, helped to explain issues and policies to the people and to hold for him the mandate of the nation.
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