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Unformatted text preview: Madhyamika Madhyamika , philosophical school of Mahayana Buddhism , based on the teaching of emptiness (see sunyata ) and named for its adherence to the middle path between the views of existence or eternalism and nonexistence or nihilism. The school was founded by Nagarjuna (2d cent. A.D.) who came from S India to the Buddhist university of Nalanda and entered into debate with other schools including the Hindu logic school, or Nyaya, and the Buddhist Abhidharma . About 25 works are attributed to Nagarjuna, the most important being the Middle Stanzas ( Madhyamika Karika ). Nagarjuna took key ideas from early Mahayana scriptures and expounded them using a rigorous dialectic. He attacked the concept of essence or self-nature ( svabhava ) as self- contradictory, holding that nothing self-existent can be subject to change. He then refuted all possible answers to philosophical problems such as causality, identity, and change by showing their logical inconsistency, with the aim of freeing the mind from all speculative views, which...
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