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New J erusalem, Church of the New Jerusalem, Church of the, or New Church,religious body instituted by the followers of Emanuel Swedenborg , who are generally called Swedenborgians. Knowledge of Swedenborg's teachings was spread in England largely by two clergymen, Thomas Hartley and John Clowes, and a printer, Robert Hindmarsh. The first public services of an organized congregation were held (1788) in London. In 1789 a general conference met. In the United States, Swedenborg's teachings were introduced (1784) by James Glen, member of a London society. A New Church society was formed (1792) in Baltimore, and in 1817 a general convention of the New Jerusalem in the United States of America was organized. In polity it is a modified episcopacy, with each society enjoying great freedom in administering its own affairs. A general convention is held annually. The teachings of the church stress individual self-realization through study of Swedenborg's interpretation of the Scriptures. In 1890 a number of members broke their
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