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Brain Functions sleep/arousal - reticular formation in brain stem controls consciousness less stimuli >> less active reticular formation >> easier to sleep sleep = active process, not lack of consciousness electroencephalogram (EEG) - records electrical activity in the brain o alpha waves - 8-13 hertz, found in relaxed/awake people o beta waves - 13-30 hertz, found in alert people o theta/delta waves - found in sleeping people REM sleep - rapid eye mov’t sleep o EEG like that of relaxed, awake person o difficult to wake up o when dreams occur language/spatial recognition - hemispheres each responsible for different jobs left hemisphere = dominant language area for 9/10 of right-handed people, 2/3 of left handed people Wernicke’s area - found in parietal lobe between auditory/visual areas o controls language comprehension, formation of thoughts Broca’s area - found near motor cortex controlling the face o controls motor skills needed for language communication
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