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Bulk - Bulk/Active Transport endocytosis envelops food...

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Bulk/Active Transport endocytosis - envelops food particles substances required for growth are sometimes too large to cross the bilayer 3 main types phagocytosis - enveloping particulate, organic matter pinocytosis - enveloping liquid receptor-mediated endocytosis - transfer of specific molecules o only food particles that fit attach to the receptor o clathrin - protein that coats the inner pit o each pit folds inward to form a vesicle low-density lipoprotein - brings cholestrol into the cell to be used in the membranes exocytosis - reverse of endocytosis discharges material from vesicles used by plants to send material for cell wall construction through the membrane used by animals to secrete hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes, etc protists use contractile vacuoles for exocytosis active transport - moves substance against the concentration gradient powered by ATP uses selective protein channels like facilitated diffusion
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