Cell Diversity and Cell Movement

Cell Diversity and Cell Movement - Cell Diversity and Cell...

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Cell Diversity and Cell Movement vacuoles - central storage compartment plants contain central vacuole to store water, sugars, ions, pigments applies pressure to the plasma membrane, increasing surface area-to-volume ratio also found in some types of fungi/protists cell walls - found in plants, fungi, some protists protect/support cell chemically/structurally different from prokaryotic cell walls cellulose found in plant/protist cell walls chitin found in fungi cell walls primary walls - plant cell walls laid down when the cell is still growing middle lamella - sticky substance holding adjacent plant cells together secondary walls - deposited inside the primary walls of fully expanded cells extracellular matrix (ECM) - substitute cell wall used by animals composed of glycoproteins contains lots of collagen (same protein found in nails/hair) web of collagen, elastin, proteoglycan form a protective layer over the surface fibronectin - attaches the extracellular matrix to the plasma membrane
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