Concept 10 - Concept 52.5 Populations are regulated by a...

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Concept 52.5 Populations are regulated by a complex interaction of biotic and abiotic influences Why do all populations eventually strop growing? What environmental factors stop a population from growing? Why do some populations show radical fluctuations in size over time, while others remain  relatively stable? These questions have practical applications at the core of management programs for  agricultural pests or endangered species. The first step to answering these questions is to examine the effects of increased population  density on rates of birth, death, immigration, and emigration. Density-dependent  factors have an increased effect on a population as population  density increases. This is a type of negative feedback. Density-independent  factors are unrelated to population density. Negative feedback prevents unlimited population growth. A variety of factors can cause negative feedback on population growth. Resource limitation in crowded populations can reduce population growth by reducing  reproductive output. Intraspecific competition for food can lead to declining birth rates. In animal populations, territoriality may limit density. In this case, territory space becomes the resource for which individuals compete. The presence of nonbreeding individuals in a population is an indication that territoriality  is restricting population growth. Population density can also influence the health and thus the survival of organisms.
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Concept 10 - Concept 52.5 Populations are regulated by a...

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