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Concept 17.6 While gene expression differs among the domains of life, the concept of a gene is universal. Although bacteria and eukaryotes carry out transcription and translation in similar ways, they differ in cellular machinery and in the details of the processes. The division of organisms into three domains was established about 40 years ago, when archaea were recognized as distinct from bacteria. Archaea share many of the mechanisms of gene expression with eukaryotes. Gene expression in bacteria and archaea is also similar. Bacterial and eukaryotic RNA polymerases differ significantly. Archaeal RNA polymerase resembles that of eukaryotes. ○ Both archaeal and eukaryotic RNA polymerase require a complex set of transcription factors, unlike bacterial RNA polymerase. Transcription is terminated differently in bacteria and eukaryotes. Little is known about this process in archaea, although it appears to be more similar to the eukaryotic process.
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