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Darwin's Theory of Evolution Charles Darwin - wrote On the Origin of Species contemporaries believed that species were unchangeable, structures made due to will of the Divine Creator proposed that natural laws produced change/evolution over time never challenged the existence of a Divine Creator based his ideas on studies in S America and Galápagos Islands didn't publish his results for 16 years until Alfred Russel Wallace submitted similar theory independently The Descent of Man - argues that humans and apes have similar ancestors Darwin's evidence - from expeditions to the Americas fossils of extinct armadillos found in the same area where similar armadillos lived 14 species of finches on the Galápagos Islands all had different beaks from eating different food, but otherwise very similar resemblances in plants in close areas, not similar climates Thomas Malthus - wrote Essay on the Principle of Population pointed out that human population grew geometrically, but food supply grew
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