Eukaryotic Structures

Eukaryotic Structures - Eukaryotic Structures nucleus -...

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Eukaryotic Structures nucleus - largest organelle in a eukaryote 1st descried by Robert Brown in 1831 surrounded by cytoplasmic filaments in some cells some cells have multiple nuclei erythrocytes - mammalian red blood cells; lose nuclei as they mature nucleolus - dark region where synthesis of ribosomal RNA takes place nuclear envelope - 2 phospholipid bilayers surrounding the nucleus outer membrane continuous w/ the endoplasmic reticulum nuclear pores - shallow depressions scattered over the surface; contain proteins that determine what substances can enter or leave the nucleus 2 types of molecules allowed to pass through nuclear envelope: o proteins moving into the nucleus for nuclear structures, catalyze reactions o RNA, protein-RNA complexes made in the nucleus chromosomes - extended into strands called chromatin except when the cell divides histones - packaging proteins which DNA wraps around nucleosomes - clusters of histones more extended form allows RNA copies to be made from the DNA condenses into tight rods when the cell divides endomembrane system - divides the cell into compartments endoplasmic reticulum - largest internal membrane; made of lipid bilayer embedded w/ proteins o cisternal space - inner region of ER o cytosol - exterior region of ER o rough endoplasmic reticulum - surface studded w/ ribosomes; used for protein synthesis o proteins made here eventually sent out from the cell o signal sequences - special amino acid sequences found on proteins about to be exported o proteins go from the cisternal space to the Golgi apparatus to the plasma
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Eukaryotic Structures - Eukaryotic Structures nucleus -...

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