Glycolysis - 2nd half of glycolysis makes pyruvate from G3P...

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Glycolysis glycolysis - stage 1 10 reaction sequence converting glucose to 2 3-carbon molecules of pyruvate glucose + 2ADP + 2P + 2NAD+ >> 2 pyruvate + 2ATP + 2NADH + 2H+ + 2H2O can be performed by all organisms (doesn't require oxygen or special organelles) metabolism evolves by adding reactions to each other, so glycolysis was never replaced priming - 1st half of glycolysis; makes 2 3-carbon glyceraldehyde 3-phosphates from glucose 5 reactions step A - glucose priming o 3 reactions changing glucose into a compound that can be readily cleaved into 3- carbon phosphorylated molecules o 2 of the reactions require use of ATP step B - cleavage/rearrangement o 2 reactions break up 6-carbon molecule into 2 3-carbon molecules o 1st of 2 reactions forms G3P and another molecule that turns into G3P through the 2nd reaction substrate-level phosphorylation
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Unformatted text preview: - 2nd half of glycolysis; makes pyruvate from G3P • 5 reactions • step C- oxidation o 2 electrons, 1 proton transferred from G3P to NAD+ to make NADH • step D- ATP generation o 4 reactions convert G3P to pyruvate, generating 2 ATP • in total, 4 ATP per glucose molecule produced • 2 ATP used in beginning, so glycolysis has net ATP gain of 2 • harvests 24 kcal/mol of glucose, about 3.5% of chemical energy in glucose regeneration of NADH- only a small amount of NAD+ exists in cells • necessary that the H on NADH be transferred somewhere else • aerobic respiration- uses oxygen as electron acceptor (takes the H to become H2O); oxidizes pyruvate to acetyl-CoA • fermentation- uses organic molecule (like acetaldehyde) in place of oxygen; reduces all or part of pyruvate...
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