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Human Genetics gene disorders - mostly very rare, recessive mutations - source of all new alleles Tay-Sachs disease - causes lysosomes to burst o frequency of disease can vary w/ different populations and different histories o highest chance in Jewish populations natural selection can’t always get rid of all gene disorders Huntington disease - disorder caused by dominant gene o clinical symptoms don’t appear until middle age o those w/ disease have time to reproduce o natural selection doesn’t get rid of it Hemophilia - inability to form blood clots; cuts won’t stop bleading pedigree - graphical representation trait passed down many generations o uses history of the family to predict future phenotypes sickle-cell anemia - defect in hemoglobin carrier o alters shape of red blood cells o due to change in a single amino acid o those heterozygous for this disease have more resistance to malaria cystic fibrosis - mucus clogs lungs, liver, pancreas o
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