Life Cycles - 2nd meiosis 1 prophase 1 metaphase 1 anaphase...

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Life Cycles Meiosis functions to reduce the number of chromosomes to one half. Each daughter cell that is produced will have one half as many chromosomes as the parent cell. Meiosis is part of the sexual process because gametes (sperm, eggs) have one half the chromosomes as diploid (2N) individuals. In animals, meiosis occurs only when gametes (sperm, eggs) are formed. In plants, gametes are not produced directly. Instead meiosis produces spores and then mitosis produces gametes. Although plants have an additional step, meiosis eventually results in the production of haploid gametes. Phases of Meiosis There are two divisions in meiosis; the first division is meiosis 1 and the second is meiosis 2. The phases have the same names as those of mitosis. A number indicates the division number (1st or
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Unformatted text preview: 2nd): meiosis 1: prophase 1, metaphase 1, anaphase 1, and telophase 1 meiosis 2: prophase 2, metaphase 2, anaphase 2, and telophase 2 In the first meiotic division, the number of cells is doubled but the number of chromosomes is not. This results in 1/2 as many chromosomes per cell. The second meiotic division is like mitosis; the number of chromosomes does not get reduced. The diagram below shows that the chromosome alignment pattern during metaphase of mitosis results in the chromosomes splitting (doubling). Prophase, anaphase and telophase are not shown. Below: The alignment pattern during metaphase I of meiosis results in pairs separating; there is no doubling. Below: Metaphase 1 and metaphase 2 of meiosis...
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Life Cycles - 2nd meiosis 1 prophase 1 metaphase 1 anaphase...

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