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Mating reproductive strategies  - supposed to maximize reproductive success mate choice - females picks the male w/ best qualities to mate o male mate choice less common o females pick males w/ best chances of survival (best genes) o handicap hypothesis - some females choose males w/ parts that decreases chances of survival on assumption that the male must be strong to survive w/ bad traits o sensory exploitation - males have characteristics that females naturally tend to see parental investment - amount of work each sex puts into producing/raising offspring more costly for females during reproduction >> more choosy about who to mate w/ sexual selection - either intrasexual or intersexual o intrasexual selection - competition between members of same sex o sexual dimorphism - differences between the 2 sexes o sperm competition - where sperm differs, some faster/larger than others o intersexual selection
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Unformatted text preview: - mate choice courtship - animals produce signals to communicate w/ potential mates can attack conspecific males (males of same species) to defend nest species-specific signals - only understand within a single species >> reproductive isolation pheromones- chemical signals used as sex attractants level of specificity - relates to the function of the signal mating strategies - females decide >> males fight to be the most visible monogamy - mating w/ 1 exclusively for a time period o for breeding season or life polygamy - mating w/ more than 1 o polyandry - 1 female w/ more than 1 male o polygyny - 1 male w/ more than 1 female promiscuity - no relationships o leaves after reproducing altricial - need prolonged/extensive care precocial - requires little care, males more likely to be polygynous...
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