Natural Selection

Natural Selection - • artificial selection in agriculture...

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Natural Selection natural selection  - mechanism for evolution  individuals w/ better traits tend to produce more surviving offspring Lamarck’s theory - inheritance of acquired characteristics o individuals pass on body/behavior changes acquired throughout lives Darwin ’s theory - inheritance of preexisting genetic differences population genetics - study of gene properties in populations evidence for evolution  - proven by modern day evidence correspondence between finch beaks and food supply o Peter/Rosemary Grant - studied ground finch, found that frequency of a certain beak size change predictably as food supply differed pollution after 1850 allowed dark colored moths to survive more easily than light-colored ones o increase in number of dark colored moths after industrial revolution o industrial melanism - darker organisms prevail over lighter ones in industrial areas
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Unformatted text preview: • artificial selection in agriculture - differences due to selection for favorable traits o current crops look far different from ancestors o corn can no longer survive by itself in the wild • fossil record- absolute dating (w/ radioactive decay) has replaced relative dating (w/ rock strata) o fossil record (especially for vertebrates) show how they’ve changed/evolved • anatomical record- w/o evolution, it’s hard to explain many things in biology o homologous structures - structures w/ different functions, derived from same body part o imperfect structures - like vertebrate eye, don’t function as efficiently as a result of evolution o vestigial structures - have no function, but resembles structures of ancestors o analogous structures - due to convergent evolution, has similar functions but derived from different body parts...
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