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Overview of Photosynthesis

Overview of Photosynthesis - Overview of Photosynthesis...

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Overview of Photosynthesis, Light Biophysics photosynthesis - occurs in bacteria, algae, stems/leaves of plants Jan Baptista van Helmont - showed that soil didn't add mass to plants; believed that water provided the extra mass Joseph Priestly - found that living vegetation restores oxygen into the air Jan Ingenhousz - found that plants' green leaves (not roots) only restore air in presence of sunlight chloroplasts - organelles that carry out photosynthesis o mesophyll - thick layer of cells rich in chloroplasts o thylakoids - internal chloroplast membranes o grana - stacks of thylakoids o stroma - semi-liquid substance that holds enzymes needed to synthesize organic molecules light-dependent reactions - capturing energy from sunlight, using energy to make ATP/NADPH o takes place on thylakoid membrane Calvin cycle (light-independent reaction) - carbon fixation o synthesizes organic molecules from CO2 in air and energy in ATP/NADPH o doesn't need light to work o takes place in stroma
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