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Parts of Renal System - • excretion gets rid of harmful...

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Parts of Renal System kidney - urine produced from blood coming through renal artery ureter - carries urine to urinary bladder split into renal pelvis, renal cortex, renal medulla nephron - cells responsible for the filtration, reabsorption, secretion, excretion o glomerulus - where blood gets filtered o Bowman’s capsule - surrounds glomerulus like a balloon o proximal convoluted tubule - extends into medulla, loops back to cortex; water gets reabsorbed o loop of Henle - only found in mammals/birds >> ability to concentrate urine o things not filtered go to efferent arteriole >> peritubular capillaries reabsorption/secretion - water, dissolved solutes must return to blood or else animal urinates to death o solid molecules reabsorbed through active transport, cotransport o substances get secreted by moving from blood capillaries to filtrate
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Unformatted text preview: • excretion- gets rid of harmful substances transport in nephron- osmotic gradient needed for reabsorption • proximal convoluted tubule- active transport of Na+ and Cl- >> reabsorption o most of water reabsorbed through wall of collecting duct o leaves behind hypertonic urine • loop of Henle- creates the hypertonic renal medulla that draws water out from nephrons o water permeates through descending limb o water stays through ascending limb, NaCl leaves • antidiuretic hormone (ADH) - aka vasopressin o produced by hypothalamus, secreted by posterior pituitary gland o more ADH >> less water in urine o less ADH >> more water in urine • aldosterone - maintains the Na+ levels (reabsorption), consequently water levels o opposed by atrial natriuretic hormone (promotes excretion of salt/water)...
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