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Peripheral/Autonomic Nervous Systems peripheral nervous system - nerves, ganglia nerve - collections of axons (myelinated/unmyelinated) o separates into motor/sensory parts at origin o dorsal root - sensory axons o ventral root - motor axons ganglia - groups of neuron cell bodies outside the central nervous system o dorsal root ganglia - contains cell bodies of sensory neurons o motor neuron cell bodies found inside spinal cord somatic motor neurons stimulate skeletal muscles to contract o for each muscle stimulated to contract, its antagonist must be inhibited by hyperpolarizing the motor neuron autonomic nervous system - contains sympathetic/parasympathetic areas, medulla oblongata autonomic neurons control smooth muscles, cardiac muscles, glands medulla oblongata - controls the system 2 neurons used for each pathway (1 has cell body in central nervous system, other has
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Unformatted text preview: cell body in autonomic ganglion) • preganglionic neuron- 1st neuron, releases Ach at synapse • postganglionic neuron- releases Ach in parasympathetic division, norepinephrine in sympathetic division • sympathetic division- stimulates the adrenal gland to secrete epinephrine o prepares the body for fight or flight o norepinephrine released at postganglionic neuron synapses • parasympathetic division- slows down heart, increases secretions o regulates organs by releasing Ach o ACh causes G proteins to open up ion channels >> hyperpolarization >> slows down cell neuroglia- cells that support neurons • supplies neurons w/ nutrients, gets rid of waste, provides immunity • Schwann cells - produce myelin sheaths in peripheral nervous system • oligodendrocytes - produce myelin sheaths in central nervous system...
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