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Plant Kingdom How do plants differ? Variations in basic parts: Leaves Stems Roots Flowers Seeds Leaves A. Organs where most photosynthesis occurs Light + water + carbon dioxide A. Blade 1. Largest part of the leaf 2. Contains cells that do photosynthesis & tiny pores to exchange water, carbon B. Veins – tube-like structures 1. 2. Have different patterns (parallel or branched) C. Petiole – short stalk connecting leaf & stem; two main functions 1. Provides support 2. D. Classification 1. Simple – one blade 2. Compound – two or more small blades (leaflets) linked to a main petiole
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Unformatted text preview: 2.A. Pinnate – like feathers with smaller veins branching off a large main vein (ex. Roses) 2.B. Palmate – several lobes coming off of one point like your hand (ex. strawberry_) Stems A. Two main functions 1. Support leaves & flowers 2. Transport water & nutrients B. Some stems are also sugar storage areas (ex. Potato) C. Stem size generally determines plant size Roots A. Two main functions 1. Absorb water & minerals 2. Anchor the plant B. Two main types 1. Taproot – (ex. Carrot) single large central root with smaller side roots 2. Fibrous root – (ex. Grasses) clump of short threadlike divisions...
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