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Products Made Using Biotechnology Transgenic Bacteria Protein products Genes that code for the desired protein can be inserted into plasmids and the plasmids are used to transform cells. Many useful human proteins are now synthesized by transgenic bacteria. Some of these are listed below. Human growth hormone is used to treat dwarfism. It previously took the pituitary glands from over 50 cadavers to make one dose. Human Insulin is used to treat diabetes. Insulin was previously obtained from the pancreas of slaughtered cattle and pigs. It sometimes caused allergic reactions. Tissue plasminogen activator dissolves blood clots in heart attack victims. Clotting factor VIII is one of several factors needed for blood to clot. Most cases of hemophilia are due to the absence of this factor. Human lung surfactant is used in premature infants with respiratory distress syndrome. Atrial natriuretic hormone can be used to treat hypertension. Bovine growth hormone (bGH)
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