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Prokaryotic/Eukaryotic Gene Regulation prokaryotic gene regulation - prokaryotes react according to environmental changes regulatory molecules can increase/decrease initiation rate induction >> prevent negative regulator from binding >> produces proteins repression >> makes negative regulator bind >> stops protein production operons - multiple genes part of a single gene expression unit o all part of same mRNA >> controlled by same promoter o genes for same biochemical pathway organized this way repressors - proteins that bind to regulatory sites on DNA >> prevent start of transcription trp operon - repressed in presence of tryptophan, induced in absence of tryptophan o tryptophan repressor can’t bind to DNA unless it binds to 2 tryptophan molecules first lac operon - makes enzymes when lactose available o lack of lactose >> lack of allolactose (metabolite of lactose) >> repressor allowed to bind to DNA >> stops production of enzymes for lactose activators
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