Protist Groups - Protist Groups...

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Protist Groups Euglenozoa  - euglenoids, kinetoplastids  Euglenoids - 1 of earliest organisms w/ mitochondria o 1/3 have chloroplasts, are autotrophic; rest are heterotrophic o can become heterotrophic when left in the dark o pellicle - flexible structure made up protein strips that change the organism’s shape o reproduction through mitotic cell division (nuclear envelop stays intact) o stigma - light-sensitive organ that helps Euglenoids move Kinetoplastids - has single mitochondrion in each cell o mini/maxi circles of DNA in each mitochondrion o trypanosomes - causes African sleeping sickness, East Coast fever, Chagas disease, leishmaniasis o able to change antigens on glycoprotein coat to fool antibodies o don’t infect the flies that carry them Alveolata  - dinoflagellates, apicomplexes, ciliates  alveoli - space below plasma membrane Dinoflagellates - photosynthetic, w/ 2 flagella o spins as it moves o cellulose-like material forms plates that surround the cell
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Protist Groups - Protist Groups...

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