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Signaling Between - Signaling Between/Through Cells...

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Signaling Between/Through Cells intercellular communication - lacking in most prokaryotes/protists uses many different molecules to communicate dissolved gasses like nitric oxide can also be used as signals signal molecules either attached to surface, secreted through plasma membrane, or released by exocytosis receptor proteins - have 3D shapes that fit the shape of a specific signal molecule o signal molecule and receptor protein bind, changing the shape of the protein o change in protein shape >> response within the cell o hard to find, can make up less than 0.01% of a cell's mass immunochemistry - uses antibodies to target/isolate specific molecules/proteins molecular genetics - intentionally creates mutations in genes o receptor malfunction is very evident, more easily seen o determines relationship between protein structures and cellular functions types of cell signaling - 4 basic mechanisms for communication between cells autocrine signaling - cells sending signals to themselves; may reinforce developmental
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Signaling Between - Signaling Between/Through Cells...

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