Stem - o procambium>> primary xylem/phloem o trace...

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Stem stem structure  - external/internal  heartwood - inside, nonfunctional part of stem o sealed off w/ lignin o only for structure sapwood - functional, still acts as transport external form - primordia (bulges) develops into leaves, shoots, flowers o phyllotaxy - leaves arranged 137.5 degrees apart (golden mean) o node - region where leaf attaches o internode - area of stem between 2 nodes o sessile leaf - leaf lacking the petiole (stalk) o axillary bud at every axil (between petiole/stem) o scars - mark where stems branch off o lenticels - pores for gas exchange internal form - apical meristem at stem’s tip produces primary meristems o protoderm >> epidermis o ground meristem >> parenchyma cells (pith in center, cortex away from center)
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Unformatted text preview: o procambium >> primary xylem/phloem o trace - strand of xylem/phloem branching off from the main clinder >> enters developing leaf, flower, shoot >> produces gap o periderm - cork cambium, cork, phelloderm found between epidermis and collenchyma o outer bark - made of cork tissue modified stems - most grow erect • bulbs - swollen underground stems w/ adventitious roots (ex. onion) • corms - similar to bulbs but w/ no fleshy leaves • rhizomes - horizontal stems growing underground • runners/stolons - similar to rhizomes, but grows on the surface • tubers - swollen tips of stolons (ex. potatoes) • tendrils - twins around supports (ex. climbing plants like grapes)...
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Stem - o procambium>> primary xylem/phloem o trace...

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