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To Increase the Magnification - The 100 X objective (1,000X...

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To Increase the Magnification The microscopes are parfocal , meaning that after you adjust the focus, the image will remain approximately in focus if you change the magnification. Center the object before switching to a higher power objective. This will help you find the object after switching the objective. Switch to the next highest power. It will be necessary to center the image again. The image should be approximately in focus but it will be necessary to use the fine focus. The coarse focus should not be needed after switching objectives. Adjust the diaphragm. This procedure is repeated each time you switch to a higher magnification. Oil Immersion
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Unformatted text preview: The 100 X objective (1,000X total magnification) requires that a drop of immersion oil be placed between the slide and the lens. After focusing the specimen under high power (400X or 430X, see above), rotate the high power objective out of the way and place a drop of immersion oil on the slide. Rotate the oil immersion objective into place so that it touches the oil. Adjust the fine focus, condenser, and iris diaphragm as previously described. After viewing with oil, the lens must be cleaned with fluid designated for this purpose. Remember, use lens paper only. Never use cloth, paper towels, or other paper products on coated optics....
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