Transcriptional Control

Transcriptional Control - - changes mRNA produced by...

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Transcriptional Control, DNA Motifs overview of transcriptional control - important for adaptation, development, homeostasis regulating promoter access - controls start of transcription o binding proteins to regulatory sequence blocks/catalyzes binding of RNA polymerase o promoter (nucleotide sequence) tells polymerase where to start transcribing transcriptional control in prokaryotes - prokaryotes grow/divide as quickly as possible o adjusts cell’s activities to immediate environment o reversible changes, lets cell adjust enzymes levels up/down transcriptional control in eukaryotes - eukaryotes protected from changes in immediate environment o regulates body as a whole, not just individual cells o controls growth/development o enzymes for a particular developmental change stops working after the change takes place posttranscriptional control
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Unformatted text preview: - changes mRNA produced by transcription DNA-binding motifs- proteins have special structure to bind to DNA on major groove major groove- contains hydrogen atoms, hydrogen bond donors/acceptors, hydrophobic methyl groups helix-turn-helix- most common motif o made up of 2 alpha-helical segments connected by nonhelical segment o recognition helix - fits into major groove of DNA molecule o more protein-DNA-binding sites increases strength of bond between them homeodomain motif- helix-turn-helix motfi in center zinc finger motif- uses zinc to coordinate binding to DNA o more zinc fingers in cluster >> stronger link between protein/DNA leucine zipper motif- 2 different protein subunits make a single binding site o Y-shape, allows for greater flexibility in gene control...
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