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Translation translation - begins when mRNA binds to rRNA tRNA w/ complementary 3-nucleotide sequence ( anticodon ) 45 different tRNA molecules (some tRNA recognize more than 1 codon) activating enzymes - pairs 3-nucleotide sequences w/ amino acids o aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase - 1 exists for each of 20 common proteins, attaches tRNA to amino acids o corresponds to an amino acid and 1-6 different anticodons nonsense codons - UAA, UAG, UGA o has no complementary anticodon o used as “stop signals methionine - AUG, “start” signal initiation - begins w/ initiation complex formation o initiation factors - proteins that position tRNAfMet(in prokaryotes) or methionine (in eukaryotes) at P site , where peptide bonds form
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Unformatted text preview: o A (aminoacyl) site- where successive amino-acid-bearing tRNA will bind o E (exit) site- where empty tRNA exit ribosome o positioning of mRNA determines reading frame o leader sequence - marks beginning of each mRNA o prokaryotes include several genes on a single mRNA (polycistronic mRNA) o eukaryotes include 1 gene per mRNA (monocistronic mRNA) • elongation- elongation factor proteins bind tRNA to mRNA at A site o ribosome catalyzes reaction that removes amino acid from tRNA and creates peptide bond w/ next amino acid • translocation- ribosome moves amino acids out, through E site • termination- nonsense codons recognized by release factors (proteins that release polypeptides from ribosome)...
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