Using the Microscope

Using the Microscope - objective lens. Use the coarse...

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Using the Microscope CAUTION - Never use cloth or paper products (paper towels, tissue paper, etc.) to clean the lenses. They will scratch the coating and decrease the resolving power of the lens. Use only lens paper . Switch the microscope to the lowest magnification or raise the objectives from the stage before inserting a slide. This will prevent the objective lens from being accidentally scratched by the slide. Place the slide to be viewed on the stage and center the specimen over the opening. Begin with either the scanning lens or the low power objective lens. Raise the stage (or lower the lens) all the way so that the slide is as close as possible to the
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Unformatted text preview: objective lens. Use the coarse adjustment know to slowly raise the lens from the stage while viewing the image. Fine focusing is not needed when using the lowest magnification (scanning or 4X objective). If you are using any of the other objectives, it will be necessary to use the fine focus after using the coarse focus. Adjust the condenser so that a sharp focus is produced. This step is important at the highest magnification (oil immersion or 1000X). Adjust the iris diaphragm. This will need readjustment after changing to a different magnification....
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Using the Microscope - objective lens. Use the coarse...

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