AP-Bio-HW-6 - Homework #6 (071002): Chapter 8 (due Friday...

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Homework #6 (071002): Chapter 8 (due Friday 071002 ) Amit Patel p3 10/7/11 Total points: 40 for Attempt on all questions 1 Concept Map: 10 points each Total 50 points   1. Explain the role of catabolic and anabolic pathways in cellular metabolism. Catabolic pathways are used to break down large molecules into smaller, easily processed molecules like breaking down starch into glucose, which can easily be turned to energy through respiration. Anabolic pathways use energy to assemble large molecules, like using energy to bond amino acids into a protein. -anabolic- uses energy -assembles molecules -catabolic- releases energy -breaks down large molecules 2. Distinguish between kinetic and potential energy. Kinetic energy is an object’s relative motion and speed, and is the in things like heat. Potential energy is an objects energy due to its position and structure in space like chemical energy. -motion- kinetic -position- potential 3. Explain why an organism is considered an open system. Organisms are open systems because they both receive and give energy from and to their environment. For example, an animal absorbs chemical energy and releases it as heat and releases metabolic waste too. Therefore, the energy never reaches a standstill or equilibrium. -trades energy with environment -therefor open system -no equilibrium 4. Explain the first and second laws of thermodynamics in your own words. The first law is that energy can be transferred or changed, but it can’t change in total amount, it is never destroyed or created. The second law of thermodynamics is that every transfer of energy or matter creates entropy, which is a measure of randomness and chance in the universe. 5.
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AP-Bio-HW-6 - Homework #6 (071002): Chapter 8 (due Friday...

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