AP-Bio-HW-15-091113 - Amit Patel #19 12/7/11 Peiod 3 Ap Bio...

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Unformatted text preview: Amit Patel #19 12/7/11 Peiod 3 Ap Bio Homework #15 : Chapter 15 (due Friday ) ONE Concept Map: 10 points Objectives Relating Mendelian Inheritance to the Behavior of Chromosomes 1. Explain how the observations of cytologists and geneticists provided the basis for the chromosome theory of inheritance. Cytologists and geneticist noticed parallels between how chromosomes and how genes were passed on such as both are split in meiosis, both are assorted randomly, and both are added to the egg during fertilization and that led to the theory that chromosomes carried genes.-parallels-fertilization-random assortment 2. Explain why Drosophila melanogaster is a good experimental organism for genetic studies. Fruit flies are ideal study subjects because they reproduce frequently, they have short life spans, they are small and easy to provide for, and they have only a few chromosmes.-few chromosomes-reproduce frequently-short life spans 3. Explain why linked genes do not assort independently. Linked genes are on the same chromosome, and since the same chromosome goes to the same side, the only way they can assort separately is through crossing over, meaning they are neither completely independent nor dependent.-linked-same chromosome-crossing over 4. Distinguish between parental and recombinant phenotypes. Parental phenotypes include phenotypes displayed by either parent, such as black wings small body in fruit flies whereas recombinant phenotypes are combination of the parents phenotypes that neither parent has.-recombinant-new phenotype-parental-same as one of parents 5. Explain how crossing over can unlink genes. When homologues cross over in prophase I, they exchange portions of the chromosmes that contain genes, so one gene of two linked genes can be switched with another from the other homologue, meaning that the genes are no longer linked,-recombination-new genes-not linked anymore 6. Explain how Sturtevant created linkage maps. Sturtevant created linkage maps by using the genetic recombination frequency to determine the relative position of genes, the closer the genes, the lower the recombination frequency....
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AP-Bio-HW-15-091113 - Amit Patel #19 12/7/11 Peiod 3 Ap Bio...

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