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Secret Box 111128 Construct two flip books Due 111128 Cell Division Flip Books (Total 130 points) Each student would create 2 flip books, one for MITOSIS and one for MEIOSIS. Page size is 2 x 3”. Each Book must contain: 1. Title Page (Name, class, class number, Period, date and “Title of the Flip Book”) 2.
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Unformatted text preview: Contains at least 20 pages of drawings of Mitosis or Meiosis. 3. Each page must you draw a cell of changing contents in PROGRESSION 4. Each page must have a page number 5. Each page must have a label of the STAGE Rubrics: 1. Title page (5 points) 2. Each Page is 3 points (20 pages, 60 points) 3. Total of 65 points for each book....
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