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Homework #3 :Chapter 3 Instruction: Type all answers use Font (Times New Roman) size 12 and use MS WORD. Retain electronic files. Print a hardcopy and turn in by the due date. Each assignment limited to 20-50 words answer (with a bullet-point outline when necessary). For Diagrams (Concept Map), hand-drawn and scan into WORD file. Rubrics: Each Homework Assignment: Total 20 points Three concepts Maps (5 points each) Total 15 points Overall 35 points 1. With the use of a diagram or diagrams, explain why water molecules are: a. Polar b. capable of hydrogen bonding with four neighboring water molecules 2. List four characteristics of water that are emergent properties resulting from hydrogen bonding. Water’s polarity allows it to stick together as a result of hydrogen bonding. This makes it hard to heat up quickly because all of those bonds have to be broken to raise the temperature, thus making it a temperature moderator because it takes a lot of energy to break those bonds. -Cohesion -moderation of temperature - high specific heat -evaporative cooling 3. Define cohesion and adhesion. Explain how water’s cohesion and adhesion
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contribute to the movement of water from the roots to the leaves of a tree. Cohesion- tendency to stick to itself, water sticks to itself due to hydrogen bonds Adhesion- tendency to stick to other substances, due to polarity Cohesion of water evaporating out of leaves pulls other water molecules upwards. The adhesion to the walls of xylem allows water to counter effect the force of gravity. - Due to polarity - Stick to other surfaces and itself 4. Distinguish between heat and temperature, using examples to clarify your definitions. Heat is the total amount of the kinetic energy of the molecules of something. Temperature is the average kinetic of the molecules of something. For example
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Homework3 - Homework#3:Chapter 3 Homework Instruction...

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