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18 INTRODUCTION Chap. 1 and its dependence on the parameters w, E, and the frequency spectrum of the forcing function s(t). The simple solution given by Eqs. (13) and (14) has important appli- cations to the problems of isolation of delicate instruments in shipping, re- sponse of buildings to earthquake, impact of an airplane on landing, landing a robot on the moon. A frequently asked quention is: what is the maximum absolute value of the displacement y, or the acceleration jj as functions of the peak values of the ground displacement s, ground acceleration 6, the time course of the ground motion, the system characteristis MI c, k, and the initial conditions yo, Ij, ie., (15) max Iy(t)l/ max Is(t)l = function of .s(t), M, c, Ic, yo, Ij, max Iy(t)l/ max Is(t)l = functions of s(t), MI c, C, yo, yo . These functions are called shock spectra. Studies of shock spectra are im- portant not only for technological applications, but also for mathematics. Note that although Eq.
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