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Chap. 1 22 INTRODUCTION first reflection, when the stress was 2pcV0, but at the third reflection, Le., the second reflection at the top of the wire, when the tensile stress reached If the mass of the wire were negligible, then the wave velocity is very high and the system of Fig. 1.6:l would become a mass and spring system of Sec. 1.5. Thus waves and vibrations are different features of the same dynamic system. Waves deliver extremely important information in a solid body. They are used in geophysics to probe the earth, to study earthquakes and to find oil and gas reserves. In medicine the pulse waves in the artery and the sound waves in the lung are used for diagnosis. In music the piano tuner and violin player listen to the vibration characteristics of their instruments. Some aspects of the general theory are discussed in Chapter 9. 2.15 pCV0. 1.7. BIOMECHANICS Historically, the theory of solid mechanics was first developed along the lines of the linearized theory of elasticity, then it was expanded to
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