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26 INTRODUCTION Chap. 1 considered the failure criterion. Joseph Louis Lagrange (1736-1813) gave the equation that governs the bending and vibration of plates. Navier and Poisson gave numerous applications of their general theory to special prob- lems. The best example was set by Barre de Saint-Venant (1797-1886), whose general solution of the problems of torsion and bending of prismati- cal bars is of great importance in engineering. With characteristic consid- eration for those who would use his results he solved these problems with a completeness that included many numerical coefficients and graphical present at ions. From this auspicious beginning, mechanics have developed into the mainstay of our civilization. Physics and chemistry are dominated by the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, quantum electrodynamics. Geo- physics, meteorology, and oceanography rest on the mechanics of seismic
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