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Sec. 2.8 RECTANGULAR CARTESIAN TENSORS 43 any set of functions of the requisite number. A tensor field thus assigned in a given frame of reference then transforms according to the tensor trans- formation law when admissible transformations are considered. In other words, once the values of the components of a tensor are assigned in one particular coordinate system, the values of the components in any general coordinate system are fixed. Why are the tensor transformation laws in harmony with physics? Be- cause tensor analysis is designed so. For example, a tensor of rank one is defined in accordance with the physical idea of a vector. The only point new to the student is perhaps the distinction between contravariance and covariance. In elementary physics, natural laws are studied usually only in rectangular Cartesian coordinates of reference, in which the distinction between the contravariance and covariance disappears. When curvilinear coordinates are used in elementary physics, the vectorial components must
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