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Unformatted text preview: re you plotted in part (a)? (c) What is the probability a state is empty at E = 7.11 eV for each temperature you plotted in part (a)? Problem #5: (a) What is the definition of the Fermi energy, EF? (b) Calculate the Fermi level for conduction electrons in copper. Assume one conduction electron per atom. The atomic weight of copper is 63.5 and its density is 9.4 x 103 kg m‐3. Use mo=m*. (c) At what temperature can we expect a 10% probability that electrons in silver have an energy which is 1% about the Fermi energy? (EF = 5.51 eV from Table 6.1 in S & W) Problem #6: (a) What is the minimum frequen...
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