Q1 - Name U EE138 Quiz#1 U Note The quiz is closed book and...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: U _____ EE138: Quiz #1 U Note: The quiz is closed book and closed note. With the exception of your calculator, the use of all electronic devices is prohibited. Please write your answers clearly. You have 15 minutes. A 100 m long and 3 mm diameter copper wire dissipates 1.1 W of power when a 0.5 V potential is applied. Copper has a Hall coefficient of 5.5 x 10‐11 m3A‐1s‐1. Calculate the (a) drift velocity, (b) mobility, (c) collision time, (d) thermal velocity, and (e) Hall field for a transverse magnetic field of 0.5 Tesla at 300K. (f) Which component (vth or vD) dominates the total electron velocity (vtotal = vth + vD)? Your calculations may be helpful in answering this question. ...
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