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Nancy Crawley My Father’s Glory This French film, “My Father’s Glory,” was a very interesting movie. It was kind of difficult to follow having to read subtitles and watch the movie but it was not too bad. The little boy Marcel was a cute young smart actor. I found it amazing that he could read fluently at such a young age. The movie is based on a young boy’s life and his family. The main character is the young boy Marcel. He was born in the country but they moved when he was young to Marseille. Marcel’s father was a very strong minded school teacher. His mother stays at home to raise the three young children. They had two boys and one baby girl. Marcel’s mother has a sister who comes to visit a lot. Her name is Aunt Rose. In the beginning of the movie she is single and considered a little old to not be married even though she is only in her late twenties. Every Sunday she would pick Marcel up and take him to the park. One day she met a handsome man and fell in love. Her trips to the park began to increase. Aunt Rose ended up marrying the
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