HPS319 - Keywords-Fall-2011(1)(10)

HPS319 - Keywords-Fall-2011(1)(10) - - William Hunter-...

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HISTORY OF MEDICINE II -- HPS 319 – Fall 2011 KEYWORDS - Padua - William Harvey - Invisible technician - Treatise of Man - Automaton - Virtual witnessing - Marcello Malpighi - Girolamo Sbaraglia - Frederick Ruysch - Anatomical injections - Cabinet of curiosities - Santorio Santorio - James Keill - The English Malady - Sensibility - Bedlam - The Lockean self - Moral Therapy - Philippe Pinel 1
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- Anna Morandi - Jean Astruc - Man-midwife
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Unformatted text preview: - William Hunter- Sarah Stone- Anglique-Marguerite Le Boursier du Coudray (known as Madame du Coudray)- Animalculism/ Ovism- Jacques-Ren Tenon- Hospital medicine - Auscultation- The clinical gaze- The modern nurse- Acclimatization- James Lind- Hans Sloane- Conjuring medicine - Patrick Manson- Theodor Schwann- Cellular pathology- Claude Bernard- Louis Pasteur- Robert Koch- Germ theory 2...
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HPS319 - Keywords-Fall-2011(1)(10) - - William Hunter-...

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