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Assignment 10 (Part I)

Assignment 10 (Part I) - d x2 4ry 6xz 2y2 4yz z2 Q5 Sketch...

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Q4 Find the matrix associated with each of the following quadraticforms and thus determine their nature (+def., 4ef., or othenrise). a\ 3x2 + 5y2 + 4ry b\ 1x2 +5y2 +4ry c) 73x2 - 8ry + ?sz + 1Ay2 - 8yz + l3z2
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Unformatted text preview: d) x2 + 4ry + 6xz +2y2 + 4yz + z2 Q5 Sketch the following conics in the x-y plane. a) 4xz +l?xy+*2 : 4. b)l1/ +6ry+19y2 : gg. c) 2x2 -7?xy +23y2 : -50. d) l6x2 - 24ry + 9yz + 3x + 4y : 5....
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