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Information - types of reasons In the contrary game online...

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Information: More and more teenagers in Vietnam play game online recently. Data: According to the information of website: www.thanhtra.com.vn ( a website belongs to Vietnamese government), from the year 2004 to 2010, the amount of teenagers playing game online has increased from 1 million to 8 millions people ( 38% the sum of Internet activities), and this numbers have increased day by day. Event: The number of pupils and student dropped out the school has increased because of being keen on so much game online without studying. In addition, also according to this website the crimes in teenagers is more and more and game online is the main reason ( more than 50% of all
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Unformatted text preview: types of reasons). In the contrary, game online is not different somuch from other games, it is just different about performance. And at a good side, game online teach us team-work, cooperation with team members, leadership, compromising skills, discipline (following the game plan / design / implementation plan)… . And in Vietnamese, it had some game events for teenagers: Sport game online,… ( and even in IU, it also had a game championship for students, and some of Vietnamese gamers had a high performance in the world game competition. Idea: Game online is a normal type of games, it also had 2 sides: good and bad. And it depends on teen gamers....
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