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Microenvironment -Company?( ko tim thay) -Supplies? -Marketing intermediaries Although Toyota put a minimal promotional effort behind this new vehicle. But with a very large and effective dealers system and due to the actraction about the new technology of Prius Total sale of Prius do not stop increasing and many Toyota dealers had no problem getting price premium of up to $5000 over sticker price of Prius. -Competitors Subaru, Hyundai,Honda=> having Hybrid -Public: Google, Timerland give employees as much as $5000 toward the purchase of hybrids Macroenvironment: -Demographic -Baby booming (1965-1976) -In 2001. They are mid-life,who are potential customers of Prius
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Unformatted text preview: -Economic US has developing economy =>people are ready to spend money buying cars-Natural Runs on only the electric motor when starting up and under initial acceleration. After that the gas engine kicks and mainly gets power from the battery while running low speed.=> protecting environment-Technological Development of information technology=> with Prius, people can use the dashboard display screen to play video game, show files from laptop,. .-Political Supporting from government( decrease tax, free car parking)-Cultural Americans love cars People have awareness of protecting environment....
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