Sociology-Assignment2 - CONCEPT: RACISM AGAINST AFRICAN...

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CONCEPT : RACISM AGAINST AFRICAN AMERICANS . Race is a concept which is completely definited by society. No one gene or characteristic is considered that is better than another one. But in America – a country which always thinks high that democratization, racism and discrimination is really existing in modern life. Black people or African Americans never have a status equalling to White people; they are not treated normally and received a worth respectation. Even though US government has promulgated the law to improve these state, equality for African Americans has met many difficulties because of the long history of racism. It needs a process and apreciate mannersto solve this problems. For having an insight view about racism and discrimination in American, we have to consider about three main points: History, Struggling to gain equality, and their status in the America modern life. First, for history, the first reason is African countries which is the colonies of America in the War so the black person must serve for white person. When these people immigranted to the US had been regarded with inequal status. They were enslaved and treated as property, this period was called institution of slavery. After that, the slaves were free and slavery was ended, but policies in US were not stop againsting black people. There were then some social theorists who believed that genetically blacks and other minorities were inferior to whites. In addition, in US history, although black people began as slaves, they were the main labor in US economy at the time. They supported not only US economy, but also US independence, just because they were
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Sociology-Assignment2 - CONCEPT: RACISM AGAINST AFRICAN...

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