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Tailor to learning styles: Actually, employees has their own learning styles to improve themselves. If a manager can understand each person’s style, his coaching will be more effective. According to a careful review of adult learning theory, there are three main learning styles First, there is analyzing. The analyzers often take their task apart, considering its elements and reconstructing it piece by piece. They will collect useful informations about their project. If they do not get it enough, they will continue to do and study until they get it. The best way to teach analyzers is to give them a chance to study in required classes, a time for them to prepare their work and break their perfornmance down into its component parts to build it back up. Besides, analyzers do not accept any mistakes in your work, because they minimized it in their preparation. Especially, do not expect to teach them much by putting them into a new situation and tell them to wing it Second, there is doing. Different from analyzers, the doers like to learn during their task and
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