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Topic: Supporters of Technologysay that it solves problem and make life better. Oppose: It creates new problem that may threaten or damage the quality of life. First, technology will make people more depend on devices, equipments without handmade. It is not really good and even do a great deal of harm to the life of people so much. For example, if a pupil learn math, but he always uses calculator to do operations; he will cannot do without calculator even those are simple calculations. It will be serious and put that pupil into a passive situation in his studying. Or a person who uses all machine to do her chores, while she is watching television, playing game,…. She will be lazier, slower and it will causes problems about health such as: heart deseases, fat, tired,… because she has no activities except eating or relaxing. These are two typical examples that say about the harmful of the dependant of people on technology.
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