15 - GEOL 0820 Ramsey Natural Disasters Spring 2011...

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Unformatted text preview: GEOL 0820 Ramsey Natural Disasters Spring, 2011 LECTURE #15: Thunderstorms & Lightning Hazards Date: 15 March 2011 I. Second Exam / Course Schedule • NEXT Tuesday, March 22 nd o read/review material ¡ online notes (especially material that I covered in lectures) ¡ any notes you took in class ¡ text book chapters: 8-11 ¾ volcanoes, landslides, severe storms, tornadoes ¡ plus the volcano video ¡ recitation material • I will be in my office this week and next • however, I will not be here for the exam II. In the News … • focus of the recitation this week • please make sure you download the recitation document and come to class with it filled out and ready to discuss the situation Page 1/7 III. Severe Weather Hazards • focus for next 3 weeks o somewhat different than previous course topics o focus on the atmosphere ¡ thunderstorms & lightning (today) ¡ tornadoes (next class) ¡ desertification/climate (next Tuesday) ¡ hurricanes (two weeks – after the exam) ¾ case study of Andrew (1994) & Katrina (2005) • importance (in general) o weather hazards are the primary or secondary cause of the most damaging and costly hazards on Earth ¾ largest loss of life -- Cyclone and storm surge that hit Bangladesh in 1970 ¾ killed ~400,000 people o primary/direct threat ¾ tornadoes, hurricanes, ice storms, nor'easters, lightning o secondary/indirect ¾ drought, floods, forest fires, desertification, pollution o web site: http://www.osei.noaa.gov/Events/Severe/ • importance (United States) o especially prone to weather-related hazards ¡ highest number of tornadoes ¡ second highest number of lightning strikes ¡ only country to have large nor'easters ¡ one of the highest number of hurricanes...
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15 - GEOL 0820 Ramsey Natural Disasters Spring 2011...

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